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Drinking Water

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to have access to amazing water. It’s easy to get comfortable and think that we don’t need to worry about filtering the water out of our taps. However, Australia doesn’t even rank in the Top Ten of the world’s best drinking water. That means there are pollutants in our tap water that we are consuming on a daily basis. Some of these pollutants can have serious health consequences, ranging from short term to long term.

Drinking-water can contain harmful bacteria, like giardia, which can cause major gastrointestinal upset. In an attempt to deal with these pollutants, the levels of chlorine in our tap water can also be very high.
However, this too may be associated with some long-term health impacts. Other potentially harmful chemicals, like Aluminium Sulphate, Fluoride and Ammonia, are also added to the water in an attempt to make it cleaner for us to drink.

It’s not just drinking water that can be a problem. During a hot shower, any chemicals or pollutants in the water may get caught in the evaporation process and inhaled, passing them directly into the lungs.

While the causes are complex, the solution is simple – water filters. FIXME Plumbing can install water filters in your home that can drastically reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and bacteria. The right water filter can also remove the chlorine from your water, along with many other potentially harmful chemicals and bacteria that could otherwise expose you to long term health risks.

Our team here at FIXME Plumbing can ensure that your water filters are correctly installed and positioned, from the kitchen sink to the shower head, ensuring that you and your family are drinking and showering in safe water. Contact the team at FixMe Plumbing today and start feeling the health benefits of filtered water in your home.

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