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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Problems You Must Prepare For?

Nothing ruins your day more viciously than broken plumbing. Not only does it keep you from accomplishing essential household chores such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, watering the plants, or even cooking, but it makes you feel uncomfortable about your hygiene as well. It’s not a problem you can leave for later either, especially if it involves leaks that might wreak havoc on your property. It must be dealt with hastily to prevent the damage from spreading.

Common Household Plumbing Problems

While there are certain quick fixes that you can perform on your own, you should not put the fate of your home plumbing in DIY. Some plumbing issues are beyond your skill and must be handled by a qualified plumbing technician. Insisting on fixing the problem yourself could only make things worse. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems you may encounter and a few tips on figuring out the best time to call in an expert.

Leaky Faucet

Every household has experienced a dripping faucet at least once. This is a common problem that usually has an apparent origin. For instance, the O ring attached to the system screw could be broken or misaligned, or perhaps the valve seat and washer are totally worn out. In some cases, poor installation is to blame. This can be fixed simply by replacing the damaged part or by fixing the alignment. Leaky faucet is among the plumbing issues that you can fix yourself. Then again, if you are not confident that you can do the job successfully, stop faffing around and ring up a plumber.

Leaky Pipes

Does your water meter keep running even if all faucets and showers are shut? Then there must be a leak along the pipes. The problem with pipe leaks is that they are often only discovered when they have already made serious water damage. It’s even more dangerous if the leaks are happening underground and close to your home’s foundation because you won’t know it’s happening until your home starts shaking. Leaks can saturate and weaken the soil, consequently reducing the stability of your home’s footing. A professional plumber from a trusted company like FIXME Plumbing can easily detect the source of the leak and conduct the necessary repair to eliminate all risks of leak once and for all.

Clogged Sink

When water seems to go down the drain slower than usual, it’s a red flag that something is clogging the sink. It can be anything from food waste trapped within the pipe to extreme rust build-up along elbows and tees. Whatever the cause of the clogging may be, it must be addressed while the sink can still drain water. When the pipes are completely blocked, water may no longer pass through and all that refuse will come backing up into the sink. Nothing’s more disgusting than a stinky soup of stagnant, grubby water in your sink. It could get worse when the stink starts attracting insects and pests. Take your plumbing kit out and start plunging to unclog the sink. If you haven’t found out the real cause of the clogging, there’s a chance it might happen again, so it’s advisable to still call in a plumbing technician to have a look at your sink.

Clogged Toilet

Just as when you thought a clogged sink was dirty enough, wait until your toilet goes haywire. You will no longer be dealing with dirty water alone but with sewage as well, and the job of pushing them into the sceptic tank where they belong is not for the faint of heart. With the kind of waste material you are dealing with in a clogged or leaking toilet, there’s no other way but to call a plumber to fix the problem. Otherwise, the stink could spread inside your house and render it unsafe to occupy for a certain period.

Sewer Backup

Sewage not flushing may be easy to fix using the available tools in your house, but sewage backing up is a completely different story. Considering the fact that it might occur not just in the toilet but in every single drain, it’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The origin of sewer backup varies as the scope widens. It’s possible that roots from trees and shrubs have made their way into the sewer line through cracks and fissures causing blockage, or probably a blockage has occurred much further within your community’s sanitary main. When sewer backup happens, don’t try to fix it. Call a plumber right away to assess the damage, find the source, and make some recommendations.


Qualities to Look for in a Plumbing Company

There are many other common plumbing issues that you should be aware of, and when they happen, you should be quick to decide whether to fix it yourself or to call a plumber. The latter is usually the better option. You have to remember, though, that not all plumbers are the same. Many have just started operating and therefore lack the necessary experience to handle the kind of issue you may encounter. To ensure the success of the repair, look for a plumbing company that has these qualities:


A full-service company is one that offers a full range of services for their type of business. Not very many plumbing companies in Sippy Downs, or on the Sunshine Coast for that matter, have that description, and that’s mainly because most of them specialise in only a few areas of the plumbing system, while others simply don’t have the resources to handle complicated issues. Look for a plumbing company that doesn’t just fix leaks and blockages but also installs and repairs gas fitting, water heaters, and bathroom fixtures. It’s even better if they also provide roof and gutter maintenance services as well as full kitchen and bathroom renovations.When you choose a full-service plumbing company, you are choosing one that not only has vast experience in the plumbing field but is also a leader in the business. That’s because it takes many years of providing high-quality services before a plumbing company can grow into a full-service business.

Licence and Affiliation

Of course, it’s imperative to choose a plumbing company that is fully licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. They have to be fully insured as well. If they are providing gas fitting installation and repair services, they must be equipped with a gas work license. If you have children at home you want to observe and learn the basics of plumbing work, the plumbing company must have a blue card to present.


Fixing a plumbing problem does a few things for you and your family, but the most important benefit it offers is reinstating your home’s safe and hygienic shape. Simply put, the plumbing company you should choose must have your family’s health in mind when they are doing their job. Also, the plumbing company must take care of their workers’ health as well by providing sufficient health care for them at the very least. You know you’ve chosen the right company if their plumbers are all in good shape and happy with their occupation.

These are just a few things you should learn about home plumbing problems and how to choose a plumbing company to fix them. You have to understand that your family’s health and safety are at stake when you are dealing with a plumbing problem, so it’s only right that you consider every possible aspect before starting to make decisions.

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